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I developed the Simplistic Life style that one would call, "DIEt", but I call it,


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Yes and so does this segment as you don't understand the hebrewic meaning. Be open to Christ and his life style. Yahushua be with you and Yahuwah blessings with health upon your entire family. Shalom.

The actual Hebrew names and words found here. With no bs or false transliteration. The real holy bible only and no New version of blasphemy. The first text word for word as it is. Was. And always will be. YHWH and YHUH

I do agree that people eat way too much meat though.

Likewise. Kindest regards. No harm or offense. Apologize if I upsetted you. I could be completely wrong but Yahuwah is perfect and never wrong. Yahushua please favor this woman and her entire family and friends. Much love and light. Peace be with you and be still.

Or the darkness. Either way there is no doubt it is a perfect masterpiece and all great minds have read it. No matter you think about it sir.

Stop carrying your bibles and start reading them E.G. Plott (Harvard & Cornell)

The word "Meat" from the Hebrew transliteration is meat which actually is referring to meat or fruit of fullness. A full meal and not something that is small and cannot feed you. Wheat grain barley and wholefood fruits was translated into English as MEAT.

Yahushua never ate meat and I have plenty of my own written articles that are public domain that can prove this. James his brother was a vegan and so was Mose. In fact Mose had a very strict diet.

Yahuwah never commanded us to consume dead rotting flesh blood animal in the holy bible.

However, he actually states in Romans to not judge a man by what he eats or drinks, lest it cause your brother or sister to fall (consuming high animal protein can cause heart disease, cancer and a whole slew of health problems that cause your brother to stumble and fall; just as enabling your brother to consume too much wine, could cause them to become an alcoholic and you are suppose to help them).

Garden of Eden was a wholefood plant based life style complete in Genesis as 'I give you all the seed bearing fruit, vegetable and nuts of the land so that this may be your meat'. Same idea he clearly states what meat is or was and of course the meat dairy and egg (M.E.D. ) industry wanted to take up this name.

Yahushua was fulfilling the law and he changed some things, such as animal slaughter sacrifice. The torah aka Old Testament were dark times and Yahushua set us from from this darkness by literally dying to own all the sins of iniquity we had committed. He holds the keys to the bottomless pit aka hades or hell; only to be reopened on the seventh trumpet will the dark angel Apollyon or abaddon descend from the heavens to unlock this dungeon in the Euphrates river. This will be the only time since 31 -33AD (Christ aka Yahushua) that Satan or Lucifer and the beast or harlot have walked this earth. Those times were known as the dark ages.

The Bible mentions all of this and I am a Harvard researcher and plant based nutritionist from Cornell university; I am a scholar in this area of study. You can source my writings from Hebrew to Greek and even Aramaic translations and with full context details and etymology of the actual true meaning of the Bible. Even from Latin roots from the original context.

•Introducing "Dr.Earth Man Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott " aka Moringa Man

"Truth is, they cannot handle the truth."

~E.G.Plott~ 12-10-2017: Harvard Medical Researcher•Cornell University

•Certified Holistic Natural Plant Based Nutritionist and Moringa/Other Superfoods Expert: Trained Classified Livititian ("Dietitian")

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Many so called "Christians" have been duped to believe a unhealthy DIEt is what God intended for his new chosen Israelite peoples, or tribe that follows the new fulfilled law mentioned in Matthew 5-8; in which he never stated to slaughter or even that you had to consume rotten cooked raw bloody animal flesh, bones, blood.

He did state to love your neighbor, to not live by the sword, to be peacemakers for you will see the kingdom of heaven, blessed are the meek and they will inherit the earth, etc. Great scripture to read in king james.

The truth is this, common sensically, I find it strange how claimed omnivorous or carnivorous human beings, don't lick their lips when they see their pet dog, cats, goats, cows, chickens etc walking by. If they were in the least bit any of these sort of creatures, they would surely be able to eat up these animals raw without skinning, slicing up, dicing with herbs and spices, and cooked to a pulpit, and then finally served with condiments or salts that all come from nature and plants. How ironic and sadly idiotic.

Even so, why in the world would Yahuwah, the creator of the universe and Infinite plane flat disc earth with firmament dome atop WISH FOR US TO CONSUME DEAD ANIMALS TO BECOME UNHEALTHY AND DIE IN DARKNESS? Yes the top ten (and more) leading causes of death are all be directly linked from the culprits of MEAT EGGS AND DAIRY PRODUCTS.

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•The Moringa Queen Oil Realness Of Nutrition

How dumb are you trying to make our precious savior?

He was and is known as perfect and the prince of peace, there is no way you can tell me, he loves his neighbor so much, he slaughters them to death daily at a mass production level scale. Then you have the Audacity to claim you love animals and that Jesus Christ did not refer to animals; even though he stated clearly there would be no more animal sacrifices. This is among one of the reasons they also crucified him, I believe the fish or meat industry was just coming on the scene and the Jewish community would be damned if they would let this messiah take away their bloody feast money making profits, by putting everyone on a plant based life style.

Even in the passage when Yahushua was on the mount , when he clearly stated in the actual King James Version, that there was a man that had 4 or five loaves of bread and two fish and he THEN TOOK THE BREAD AND MULTIPLIED IT FOR MANY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO WERE HUNGRY AND NEEDED THEIR MEAT. Which is and always have been bread. Olives and crackers and new wine grape juice was also what Yahushua has always referred to.

Yahushua also stated how, 'it is not what is put into your mouth that defiles you, but what comes out of your mouth that defiles out from your heart'.
Taking the Lords living words of the holy spirt out of context, then judging veganism is actually blasphemy in every way.

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  • Just because we were lied to about all this, does not make it right or that we are noting sinning and therefore the wages of sin is death; it's no wonder we are among the sickest, fattest, most cursed country in the nation. I could go on about how we have the most surgical procedures conducted in the world, how we make up only 6% of world population yet consume over 89% of the pharmaceutical drugs produced, and are the most unhappy and unhealthy people on this planet; that claim to be a Christian nation. Highest rape and molestation percentiles and per capita the highest divorce rate and number one in McDonald's vs the entire world. Go figure and we are saying God wants us to curse our health and demands us to consume meat? How nuts is this.
    If you want to know the reason this all happened, its very simple to break down. Here it goes, the Gregorian catholic Vatican has bastardized almost as much as they possibly can from this bible. Teaching seminary to ignorant bible readers, who are taught the theology incorrectly from the curriculum; instead of reading the actual bible in king james. This is the other thing, these Zionist Masonic Christian fools, don't really read from the original authentic text but rather thousands of other contradictory bible versions such as New International version on. This NIV and on up has been set up by the church in order to insulate and enslave the cultures worldwide, by taking piece by piece of the Bible out of context and contradicting itself into many thousands of strict assuming asinine doctrines; then into a church you must go to, tithe to, and abide by according to elders and Cheif magi. They translated repentance into compense or compensation; which literally means to pay your way out of sins. (Roman Catholic Church murders and genocidal megalomaniacs)
    Instead of stating what it says properly in the New Testament about being the bride of Yahuwah, as the Christ with the Holy Spirit, it was changed to CONGREGATION. We are also called to keep our temple clean and it is biblical that Yahuwah blesses those with health knowledge and those who were sick literally were in darkness. Makes sense, why would a loving God curse his children? If you are sick or overweight you might want to get right with Yahuwah and ask for repentance From Yahushuah.
    So by using congregation over the word church means you would literally need the church in order to find God and make it into the kingdom of heaven, ; this is not and never has been the case. Just look up And research John the Baptist, who Christ said was the most righteous of all men at that time, he never attended the church, he was the church.
    Then he was persecuted. He even baptized Christ Yahushua and was later beheaded for his beautiful humble righteousness.
    I don't see these huge mason built Christian churches undergoing persecution; I see them profiting freely and greatly from tax exempt assets and buildings. That is what keeps them running; the Mason's build your churches and you keep the pet goat congregation in the dark.
    The Bible is perfect and not wrong. Preaching the wrong gospel and you teach a different Jesus. Speaking of which his name is No where near the name Jesus Christ, this is a lazy Greek and Hebrew transliteration gone wrong into Latin. His name is YAHUSHUA which means to bring Yah or his father, YAHUWAH. This is the closest proper translation and not yeshuah or Yashuah or Yahweh. Certainly not Iesus Christ or Jesus or Jeshuah Christ.
    Father God or YHWH was the closest from Hebrew as their was no vowels. Ancient text show it as YWUH anyways. I call him by what their tongues said, which is Yahuwah and Yahushua.
    How can we claim to respect and love and have faith in him, when you don't even call him by his proper name anyways. Jesus Christ and even the picture of him, is taken from the Catholic Church, to again keep man in the dark from the literal truth of the Bible.
    All one must do, is listen to no man, but ACTUALLY READ THE KING JAMES NEW TESTAMENT FOR YOURSELF. It is really plain and simple and straight to the point. It will really touch your soul and free you from bondage of the darkness.


    I didn't need to go to seminary to tell you this honest message of God; and I also didn't write all this to make the big all mighty fearmongering man in the sky, a bunch of money. Because even his son Yahushua said this,
    'You cannot serve two masters, for you will love the other and hate the other. You cannot serve Yahuwah God and mammon (wealth) or you will hate one and love the other'.
    Hmmmm, not trying to judge here, but it looks very much like that is exactly what these mason Zionist buildings with puppets at the pulpit are doing. They will be judged according to their heresy and it won't be pretty.
    They will also be judged by the Knowledge they carry.
    They cannot be blessed with sickness, I find it strange how many preachers and people of the congregation are terminally ill and then have the gall to state veganism is satanic; when this is the very life style when health conscious and raw vegan organic wholefood, THE VERY LIFE STYLE THAT HAS SAVED MILLIONS SILENTLY OVER THE GENERATIONS.
    "Christ followers" should be among the most powerful light Worker's and healthiest people on the plane. They are far from that. 33% of the American Christians are obese and 79% are overweight with multiple illnesses and disorders on magical potion pharmakia drugs. That kill and support suicide and disillusioned thinking.
    Yahushua knew this because his father made us and it started in the garden of Eden , where we all were raw vegans anyways.

    •Since the fall of man living in sin, men craved blood, war, power, mammon and began becoming cannibalistic and eating dead animals and were getting sick. Each passing day and year then generation mankind continues to get darker and more sinful in their lust for gore and sexual fornications and rape or abuse with blood thirsty animal consumption.

    I guess the Canine Kainite tribe of arrogant serpents (Cain killed his brother Abel who was later cursed to walk on the land for all time in darkness with a mark in his skin)
    has and is still deceiving Innocent sheep turning into goats and not getting fed the proper nutrition and thirsty for the living word of God and the living waters.
    Everything in every single church is backwards and upside down. And I still remain a faithful and humble servant of Yahuwah and his son Yahushua. He has blessed me with this knowledge that has grown to wisdom and I have been a vegan over four years now and I haven't seen the doctor since.
    No meat for ten years and haven't seen the doctor in ten years. I guess this preacher is telling me to live in darkness and sin and get sick, rely on going to the doctor and not relying on Yahushua the healer and Yahuwahs perfect made nature of nutrition.
    I guess take man made drugs with man made bibles and man made misconstrued scriptures taken out of context.
    What a shame. And leading all the herd astray for the wolves in sheep clothing. Oh wait, who do you think the wolves are?
    Trying to convince the sheep that they are carnivores.
    Please don't throw the vegan lion thing at me, that a vegan lion doesn't exist and we are to be like the lion it is natural.
    Lions also sniff each other's arses and consume animals raw without cooking and you Hire and pay a person to kill, murder, slaughter and butcher a dead animal corpse and wrap it up for retail.
    How can you be blessed with this mentality. 

    Go out and hunt your own game like a lion, if you claim you are without doubt like a lion. This reminds me of the funniest thing I have ever seen before in my life! 

    Let us start off with a joke, the Funniest Thing I have ever seen in my life.

    •Funniest Joke of the year 2017 hilarious � Laughing Spanish Vegan from Eric Plott on Vimeo.

    I think I have said enough for the moment. I could go on.
    Kindest regards,
    Harvard medical researcher
    Plant based nutritionist Cornell university.
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    Shalom. And Yahuwah blessings.

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